Gardens of Sweden – Carl Linnaeus

Back in 2009, I had the privilege of visiting my dearest friend in Sweden and seeing some of the loveliest gardens and historic landscapes in northern Europe.  She lived in Uppsala, the home of the famous “father of taxonomy” Carl Linnaeus.  He first studied at the University of Uppsala and later became a professor and rector of the University.  His home is now a public garden and here are some pictures of the Linneaus garden in Uppsala and his summer home in Hammmarby.

House of Carl Linnaeus in Uppsala with lily pond


Water lily
Garden paths with perennial beds containing perennials like the blue veronica or speedwell, foxglove and roses shown below





A gorgeous Swedish tile stove in the house of Linnaeus






Linnaeus’s summer home in Hammarby


His study inside is preserved with his books, writings and pictures. Lovely perennial gardens surround the buildings


The weather was marvellous and the sun shone for 22 hours.  It was quite different chatting  and drinking coffee at 2:00 am in the bright daylight!  Be sure to visit Sweden or any of the other Scandinavian countries.  Both the cities and countrysides are full of history, culture and breath taking scenery.


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