Alas Cruel Spring

From this   To this In a single night of frost.  We eagerly wait all year for the glories of spring:  daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms and the glorious magnolia blooms.  Sadly spring shows us just how ephemeral life and beauty can be.  One moment beautiful pink flowers, next a sodden mess of wilted petals.  Good thing gardeners are a hardy persistent lot…there is always next … Continue reading Alas Cruel Spring

Break out the shovel!

And not the gardening shovel 😦   I’m on my fourth coffee of the morning and nearly a days’s calorie worth of chocolate covered almonds.  If this keeps up, it will be colder in April than it was in January for southern Ontario.  Its going to be colder in Toronto than Whitehorse this weekend!!  Did Hades not release Persephone from hell this year or are we … Continue reading Break out the shovel!