Farmhouse Table Centrepiece

Struggling with winter blahs like many of us, I turn to plants to cheer me up πŸ™‚ With two cats that eat most anything that resembles a plant, I am a bit challenged! So I travelled down with my son (who is an arborist and likes plants so something passed on LOL!) to my nearby garden centre to soak up the green and dream of summer. My son is is fascinated with cacti and succulents and we picked out a selection for a rustic centrepiece.

I white washed a wooden wine box from Christmas present, after drinking the wine which was quite nice πŸ™‚ , and used Classico pasta jars for the candle holders. Two large jars, two smaller ones and 8 small succulents and candles from the Dollar Store made a quick and inexpensive table centrepiece to brighten up these dull winter days. If the candles wobble too much just carve a curve in the bottoms so they sit more stable in the jars.

The only plant my cats sampled was the Haworthia, the aloe looking one with the white speckles. 

So if you are feeling blue, get creative and add a few plants and light to lift your spirits!

β€œEven the tiniest plant connects one to Nature”

Happy Gardening!

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