Winter Blues


Just when I thought spring had arrived…sprayed my shrubs with dormant oil, planted my bulbs and seeds…and wham! Winter is back with a vengeance.  My little flower house is empty and cold, and my bulbs, seedlings and spring pots are languishing in the dimness of my house.  Another 5 days of miserable coldness before I can move things back into the flower house.  On a positive note, the temperature outside is -6 deg C and the flower house is at 0 deg C in the shade.  It’s only 6 by 6.5 feet but I am impressed by how it keeps the heat.  If you want to get a headstart on spring planting, maybe not quite as early as me as I am not noted for my patience, give one a try.  They are available from several garden catalogues, such as Stokes Seeds.


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