Tip of the Week

Focal pot

A pot does not always have to be filled with plants. It can be a beautiful focal point on its own.

Large Urn as Focal Point

Follow your site lines when placing them in the garden as focal points. That way you can see them from a window or a favourite seating area in the garden. Smaller pots make a bigger impact when clustered in groups of different sizes. Make sure you don’t have too many focal points that you can see together, one or two is enough. More can become confusing. The idea is to draw the eye to that spot and rest on the focal point.

Happy Gardening 🙂



One thought on “Tip of the Week

  1. I dislike pots in the garden, but used to leave one on a porch (at a former residence) so that I could put canned (potted ) plants into it while they were looking good, and then remove them when they were finished with looking good. For example, I cold put blooming cymbidium orchid out there while it was blooming, and then remove it when it finished. The orchids were grown in black vinyl nursery cans because they did not need pretty pots. I was not concerned about the cans getting hot in the sunlight, because they shaded by the more ornate urn when they went out front. It worked out nicely.


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