Gardens around the world – Santiago

Its a snowy day here in Ontario so what better to do than some garden daydreaming 🙂  My next few blogs will be about some of the famous and not so famous gardens I have had the good fortune to visit so far!  Today’s garden is the Jardín Japonés in Santiago Chile.  Santiago is not noted for its public gardens, but this is a lovely little japanese style garden, designed with help from Japan, situated on the hillside of Cerro San Cristóbal.

lee-in-gardenEntrance gate to the garden

water-wheelWater wheel

pond-in-japanese-gardenPond by the water wheel



Lanterns in the garden

Farther down the hill is the Jardín Botánico Mapulemu which was more of a park when I saw it back in 2008 but it has a grand entrance.spanish-courtyard-mapulema

Although there are not a lot of public gardens per say in Santiago, its Mediterranean climate allow year round growth and wonderful flowering trees, shrubs, vines and flowers spill over neighbourhood walls and grow along the streets for all to enjoy!  My next blog will be about the wonderful plants found in and around the city. Enjoy!

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