Sunny Summer Stars

We are in high summer in Southwestern Ontario now with temperatures in the mid thirties, humid as a sauna and no rain in sight.  Remember to water early in the morning or in the evening after the sun is low enough for shade.  Morning is best so the foliage can dry off and helps to prevent mould, mildew and black spot from forming.  Here in the Halton Region we are on a voluntary watering cycle so even numbered addresses should water on even days and odd addresses on odd days.  Hand watering and watering new plantings is still allowed.

Yellow daylilies

Yellow is a wonderful, happy and uplifting colour and happens to shine in midsummer.  Daylilies, rudbeckias or black eyed susans, helianthus and heliopsis, marigolds and even coneflowers come in shades of cream to gold

Helianthus “Happy Days” perennial sunflower

One that caught my eye this year is Heliopsis “Loraine Sunshine” with green veined leaves on a cream background and cheery yellow daisy-like flowers.  It is a real showstopper in the garden


Heliopsis “Loraine Sunshine”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Of course yellow always pairs beautifully with blue as seen in this container planting.  Yellow thunbergia, cream and yellow petunias, blue hummingbird salvia and lemongrass look refreshing all summer long.

Yellow rudbeckia and lilac perovskia


So go ahead and add some sunshine to your garden with sunny yellow blooms.


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