Happy New Year

Well another gardening year has passed and we look forward to a new year of growth and plant prosperity!  I always reflect on what did not succeed in my garden last year and console myself with gardener’s porn…newly arrived plant and seed catalogues!!  This year I sprayed my dwarf alberta spruce, roses and pretty much everything else with wilt stop, an antitranspirant to see if it will help with the ubiquitous needle browning.  Luckily our winter has been mild so far, so mild that I was worried buds may break out into leaf.  I had to wait until Christmas Eve before I could even apply the wilt stop, it was so warm.  Now that we have colder weather, hopefully they will hold out until the actual spring.  Not much in my garden now but I recently snapped a pic of a young coopers hawk on my garden fence.  He was looking for lunch, preferably my nemesis…rabbits.


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